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Let's Be Initiators

in·i·ti·a·tor iˈniSHēˌādər/ noun 1) a person or thing that initiates someone or something. IN CHEMISTRY - a substance that starts a chain reaction. - an explosive or device used to detonate a larger one. God begins things. He takes the first step. He's the Uncaused Cause (short video explanation). He created, He planned to save us (before we even sinned), and He chose us to be in Jesus. He begins things. So let's be like God. Here are some options: 1) Be the person in your home who begins a family worship time (just read Scripture together, pray together, and sing or memorize a verse together). 2) Be the spouse who begins praying daily for your lover. 3) Be the home in your neighborhood who brings neighbors together and introduces them to each other (Memorial Day BBQ's are GREAT!) 4) Be the friend who says, "So what do you believe about Jesus, the Bible, and all of that stuff?" God initiates with us and has given us the privilege of being His ambassadors in this world. So ask Him for guidance and then start that chain reaction!

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