Celebrate With Me?

January 9, 2019

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Would you take a moment to celebrate with me?

One of the Next Steps reported in our Small Group Leader's Meeting on Sunday was that 3 members of a small group were ready to form a Discipleship Triad!!!!!!

 Yes! Hallelujah! 

No meeting is a guarantee of spiritual growth, but I'm excited these three people are TRYING something!

In our church we help people be moving from...
- a proclamation of God's Word and a call for response in the worship service
- TO a discussion of God's Word and our response to God in our Small Groups
- THEN where do we go from there?

To Discipleship Triads.

Key Characteristics of Discipleship Triads:

  • A group of three people (3 women or 3 men)

  • Meets one to four times a month

  • Uses the Discipleship Triad starter questions

  • Each person learns to answer two specific questions completely honestly at each meeting:

    • What is God saying to you?

    • What are you doing about what God is saying?

  • Not for everyone

Want to start one? Ask two friends if they’ll commit to meeting with you for 3 months, being open and honest, and striving to grow.

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