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Let's Be Fanatics

Fanatics are people who see the world in one dimension. They think every problem is the same problem and that every problem has the same solution. Communists think every problem is about class warfare and call the people to rise and demand their fair share. Capitalists think every problem is about too much regulation and demand the freedom to buy and sell as they see fit. In those cases those root problems are not the cause of every bad thing and the proposed solutions each cause a new set of problems. The root problem I see is that we miss the point of our existence. Humans invariably believe that they are the center of the universe and this causes a multitude of problems that are usually recognized as problems by most people and that religious people call sin. The grand solution is to recognize the true order of our existence: God is the Supreme Point. Everything is for Him. He made it. Its all His and exists for His glory alone. The solution to every problem is to recognize God's supremacy and spend your time and energy focused on Him. So confess your self-centeredness, shift your hope to God as the answer to every problem, and become a fanatic.

#LetsBe #HopeShifting

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