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If you change that quote to say "Dr Pepper" instead of "tea" then Lewis and I would agree!

I've read two of C. S. Lewis' books so far this year and they've been great. Lewis was an English writer whose works were published between 1919 and 1963. An atheist for the first part of his life Lewis became a Christian in 1931 after a late-night discussion with friends - one of whom was Tolkien of Lord of the Rings fame - and his writing has helped me understand how someone might investigate the claims of Christianity. Our library has dozens of Lewis's books, including the Chronicles of Narnia series, and his writing is so engaging and friendly you'll find yourself reading for growth AND for fun. Specific Recommendations - The Four Loves. Its short, and covers the meaning of four kinds of love: family affection, romance, friendship, and agape. - Mere Christianity. Lewis wrote this to help interested non-Christians understand the basics of what Christians believe. Absolutely phenomenal. Do you have a favorite Christian author to recommend to me? Message me!

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