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Want To Grow? Try These Three Ideas!

​A plant needs sunlight, water, and nutrients from the dirt. A child needs food, water, and love. A growing Christian needs regular participation in worship with a big group, life application with a small group, and intimate spiritual conversation with a discipleship triad.

Worship Services

A worship service is a public space directed by an expert teacher. In it we devote ourselves to the apostle's teaching (Acts 2:42) and sing together (Colossians 3:16). We're pretty informal for a church, but its still a formal space where most of what happens is carefully planned and led. Its too big for a party, you recognize most of the faces you see, and its a participate-at-your-own-pace kinda place. Get Our Worship Service Times

Small Groups

A Small Group is a little more private, but someone could still join anytime. In a group we devote ourselves to discussing the apostle's teaching, praying together, and caring for each other (Acts 2:42). Its not led by an expert, but is directed by a peer. Its a lot more relaxed than a worship service, its the right size for a good party, and here you'll know people's names and at least part of their stories.

The discussion can happen without you but its always better when everyone participates equally. Serving each other when life happens is an expectation, but the load is shared and it isn't difficult to help out. Get More Info About Groups

Discipleship Triads

A Triad is private - you only get to be in one if you help start it. In a Triad we practice the "one anothers" of the New Testament. Its self-directed and no one is the expert. Its too small for a party but its perfect for getting to know people well and sharing your story with them in a deeper way than ever before. Its not another Bible study or a time to catch up on life (though sometimes those happen), but a time to share those things in your Christian life too intimate for Small Group.

Without your initiative and drive a Triad just won't happen. You meet on your own time and a triad member's crisis becomes your crisis. But don't worry, they'll be there for you too. Get The Starter Questions

Here at First Baptist we're committed to making disciples by nurturing individuals in grace. We do that in these three environments. This focus on becoming disciples of Jesus is why we don't spend our time on other projects and programs. We don't have a bunch of extraneous ministries and we'll say no to them in the future. If you want to grow plant yourself here.

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