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Graduating Soon!

In 2013, when Micah was three months old, I began my seminary career at the Pacific Northwest Campus, Gateway Seminary. After taking classes in administration, preaching, counseling, and even Hebrew & Greek I've completed 90 credits and will receive my Masters of Divinity degree when Anna is about three months old! I want to give a special thank-you to you faithful folks at First Baptist Church. You have encouraged me throughout this journey and contributed thousands of dollars in scholarship money to make it possible. Plus, by serving here throughout my education you have allowed me to use you for a learning lab as you have graciously forgiven my many missteps. The Northwest Baptist Foundation and any Southern Baptist church that gives to the Cooperative Program also played a big part in making this education possible for me. If you're thinking about how to make an impact on lives after yours is over I highly recommend talking with them about your legacy. You are all invited to the graduation ceremony and reception, though I understand many of you won't be able to make the journey. If you are interested in coming please RSVP and get more info from the Facebook Event.

#ThankYou #FinishingWell #Celebrate

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