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An A La Carte Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Here's a collection of helpful thoughts from around the web about mothers, mothering, and motherhood. Enjoy! What God Wants You To Pray For Your Kids Four short and simple prayers you can pray for anyone, anywhere, but that will shape your goals and heart for your children. What If Motherhood Was Meant To Be Hard? Possibly a question you've never considered. Here's a challenging quote: "Because in his mercy and goodness, God ordained this hard for you, not simply to expose this sin…but primarily to magnify his grace." Retirement Homes and Caring for Aging Parents Retirement homes and assisted living are big issues facing families. Today’s question: “Dear Pastor John, what does the Bible say about retirement homes? Don’t we as children have the responsibility to directly look after and provide for our parents in old age? How do retirement homes fit, or not fit, into this calling?” How Can You Honor Your Parents When You Feel They Don't Deserve It? A difficult question you may have been struggling with answered biblically with practical suggestions. Let Joy and Sadness Mingle This Mother's Day Short, but with an incredible perspective on motherhood this is a great note to end on. Feel free to share your favorite on social media - it may bless someone in an unexpected way.

Thank you, moms. We love you.

Pastor Caleb

P.S. Our best motherhood and mothering resource to recommend is Check it out!

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