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Free For Dinner?

Gospel hospitality is the habit of intentionally including others in your life and sharing with them as much of your life and the gospel as possible. Its A Habit I'm regularly on the lookout for someone to say hello to, or, if the connection goes a little deeper, to invite into my home for a meal. I say regularly because sometimes I'm just not in the mood or I'm distracted by life. But overall, I've developed a regular habit of seeking deeper connections with anyone I encounter. Its My Life The best way to get to know someone is generally over food. It could be breakfast, coffee, lunch, or dinner (BCLD's), but conversation is easier with food. But the goal is not to eat fancy food (the food is not usually very important, it just better be there!) and instead the purpose is to demonstrate a different way of life. It Only Goes So Far Each of these connections will have a natural ebb and flow. Most of the people you meet and invite over for a meal will pass on through your life. A few though... they'll invite you back, or you'll run into them again, or you'll find something in common and begin a real friendship. Its Easy To Spot Here's the key: Watch for the people who linger. If they just want to be around you then there's more of an open door. They may not even know it, but their longing is for something you have that they don't: the good news of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection that makes a new life with God possible. Let's practice Gospel Hospitality and build a habit of intentional invitations into the way we live. Let's connect with as many people as we can and watch for those who linger. Let's make disciples. Let's be hospitable.

Click Here For Hospitality Tips!

Want more tips on hospitality? Check out my column in the Deer Park Gazette!


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