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Overwhelmed Is Good

Its an overwhelming responsibility that God gives parents. And that's on purpose.

He has commanded us to teach our children about Him and to deeply impress His word and character on their hearts. That's impossible. Without God's direction and power we cannot accomplish that.

The devil doesn't even want you to try. That's why whenever the topic of "family worship" or "family devotions" comes up you get that sick feeling in your stomach that you don't measure up and you never will.

Well, that's the truth: YOU don't measure up - but Jesus DOES! Thankfully, our acceptance with God completely depends on Jesus and not on our ability to obey!

Once we accept the responsibility of depending on Jesus and spiritually leading our children we're often left wondering HOW to do that. And that's where the Church comes in. We CANNOT do it for you - and we shouldn't even try.

But, we can help you and teach you how to do that! So today we have two new resources for you!


It will provide resources for you to use at home AS WELL AS reinforcing Sunday's teaching with big picture points, fun songs, and key Scripture verses.

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The job is still too much. But now we have a place to start.

Let's go!

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