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A BIG Sunday

Jennifer S. has shared her story with us (you'll get to hear it soon!) and has asked to be baptized in obedience to Jesus' teaching. Whooooohooooooooo!!!!! Jesus said that heaven has a PARTY whenever one soul is saved and we're all about celebrating God's work here at FBC! Join us on November 26th for a BIG Sunday. Here's the details so you can invite your friends, coworkers, and family to celebrate with you. Worship @ 9:30 will feature Jennifer's story and baptism as well as the very first Christmas drama as Laura Hiatt "auditions" to be the angel in our Christmas Eve Nativity Scene! Fellowship Time will feature better than normal snacks (like all the Christmas season Sundays) because we're going to have guests throughout that whole month. Small Group Leaders will prepare to have a bump in attendance that day so your friends, family, and co-workers can join you for that not-to-be-missed discussion (Jennifer talked a lot about the impact her Small Group and Discipleship Triad made in her life). And at NOON Jennifer's Small Group is leading the celebration of her baptism with a special meal!!!!!! They'll provide the ham and roasted lamb (yum!) and hope you'll bring a salad, side dish, or dessert so there's enough deliciousness for everyone.

#GreatCommision #Celebrate #SmallGroup #DiscipleshipTriads #Sunday

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