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The Big Easter News!

As we sat in McDonald's planning the various sermon series for 2019 we decided that we should preach through the book of Luke. Its big. Its really big. In fact, Luke wrote more of the New Testament (with Luke and Acts combined) than Paul (check out this cool site for more info on the authors of the Bible - the second writer will definitely surprise you!) Anyway, as we scheduled out the various chapters of Luke we began to feel like we'd just be skimming the surface of this fantastic account of Jesus' life. Especially at the end when it focuses on the last week before His crucifixion. So we decided we would be creative and invite everyone to join us to zoom in on Luke 22-23. At noon in the week leading up to Easter (Mon-Fri, April 15th-19th) we will host a special one-hour service each day. We've asked various ladies to provide special soups, the church will provide sandwich ingredients, and five different men will each lead a devotional from Luke 22-23. We understand that many of us won't be able to come to these extra services - and that's ok. We'll still all gather on Easter Sunday for a special resurrection celebration! You are now officially invited to join us for our Easter Week Dine In Devotionals!

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