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Thank You

During Sunday's Shepherd's Forum (which was excellent) I asked for a moment to speak.

At the Shepherd's Forum three months ago the Shepherds shared the news of my second paycut this year. I was very blessed by the tone of the people attending that forum who asked how they could support me and my family in other ways since our financial support was going down and I would need to work more hours at the other two jobs I had recently acquired to make ends meet.

Over the last three months this church has blessed Elisa, my children, and myself in significant ways:

- Frequent and cheerful babysitting

- Small financial gifts

- Lots of verbal appreciation

On Sunday I shared how appreciative Elisa and I were of the free babysitting in particular. This is a gift we offer to others when we can because we realize the impact a few uninterrupted and responsibility-free moments can have on a marriage. We have treasured the moments we know someone else is loving our kids and we can just enjoy each other's company.

So thank you, church, for all that you do. Yes, supporting us financially so that I can give my time and energy to preparing music and messages is something we appreciate. But its the little things that you've done recently that show your love for God and your love for us.

Thank you,


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