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So many things to celebrate. Let's thank God as we think through them together:

  1. God has been so gracious to us as individuals to love us and to send Jesus to rescue us even while we were still sinners.

  2. God has blessed our church with unity and the shared purpose of making disciples by nurturing individuals in grace.

  3. God has worked through us to make and exceed two significant goals: eighty-one connections in March and $506 dollars given to plant churches in North America!

  4. God sent people that He loves to join us in worship on Easter and He worked in us to prepare for those guests to show them excellent hospitality.

  5. God brought together the largest gathering of His people in this church yet this year with seventy-one individuals coming together to celebrate Jesus' resurrection!

Thank you for the invitations you extended. Thank you for greeting each other's guests with such a welcoming attitude. I saw people giving up their own preferences on Sunday and lay down their lives for others. That's being like Jesus. Thank you, God, for the grace to know You and serve You.

#Serve #Celebrate #Review #Goals #Connections #Giving

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