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You Can Do It Too

On Monday night Elisa and I hosted a Neighborhood BBQ in honor of Memorial Day. It took time, energy, and money from us to do that - but not a huge amount of any of those. You can do exactly what we did. We met new neighbors, reconnected with friends, and Peter even asked me to share why I did this church thing. So I did! Several of our neighbors thanked us for being willing to reach out to them and invite them. Everyone had a great time because God motivated Elisa and I to love our neighbors and we simply obeyed. Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself. He not only meant anyone you see in need, but your physical neighbors as well. We can't love them if we don't know them. We're already planning a Labor Day BBQ to connect with those neighbors once again. Does God want you to begin planning a neighborhood get-together? Contact me any time. I can help with planning and would love to create invitations for you. The picture below is our most recent invitation. You can do it too!

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