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Let's Be Mature

Def: Maturity is to know and do one's responsibility. I struggle with execution. I often know what to do but have difficulties completing it. As a husband I know I should help out and do the dishes. Or change the diaper. Or work on this month's budget. But sometimes I lack the maturity to follow through on those responsibilities. You have probably found yourself in that same place.

As a disciple God has given you someone to reach out to, have over for dinner, or begin a spiritual conversation with but your maturity is lacking and so you don't fulfill your responsibility. A husband who doesn't serve isn't mature. And a disciple who isn't at least trying to make disciples isn't mature.

This isn't a guilt trip, but hopefully it is a reality check for all of us. Answer these questions*, see if you're actively fulfilling the Great Commission, and then make whatever adjustments a maturing disciple would make to meet their responsibilities.

A) Who have you gone to recently? B) Who have you shared the Gospel with recently? C) Who has been baptized because of you recently? Two months ago we spent a lot of time making connections with people. Eating with people and having spiritual conversations are the beginning points of making disciples. Start there!

Think of the problems that might be solved in our lives or church if we were all focused on knowing and doing what God has made us responsible for! Instead of being distracted by life's frustrating difficulties we would be obedient to reach those God loves.

*Here are my answers. A) I recently initiated new relationships with neighbors B) On Saturday night I got to share parts of the Gospel with several coworkers. C) No one.

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