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3 Simple Steps to "Carry One Another's Burdens"

When each of our kids were born our friends and church family helped out in various ways. They were obeying God's command to "carry one another's burdens".

If you've visited someone in the hospital recently, delivered a meal, or prayed for someone who was hurting you too have "carried one another's burdens".

But do you ever worry that you don't quite know what to do? Here's a short checklist for us to use as a church to try to carry one another's burdens well.

Someone's in crisis?

1: Pray. Pray for their spiritual health. For salvation or maturing growth. For this crisis to enhance their relationships with God and their family. When possible pray for them while you're with them.

2: Be with them. When appropriate simply be there with them through the crisis. Here's some great advice about How To Comfort A Grieving Friend.

3: Find and help the Organizer, or be the Organizer yourself. Its hard for people in crisis to ask for help. But usually there's a close friend, family member, or just someone whose good at inserting themselves into situations who can organize everyone else's help. Sometimes you'll need to do this yourself. But make sure there is a point person who can connect the person in crisis with the people who can help carry their burdens.

So the next time someone in your Small Group or circle of friends experiences something difficult you now know what God expects of you: to help carry their burden. Let's do it!

*Get the list of One Another commands here.

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