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Why Spend The Resources?

Why are we putting so much time, money, and energy into a children's camp? Our church is providing the key leadership and ALL of the kitchen staff that will make the IEBA Kids Camp happen this year. Why? Why not just encourage kids to go to a camp someone else is working hard on? Our church is sending six staffers who will spend 43,200 minutes serving kids next week! Your giving has paid my salary and made it possible for me to spend time SINCE JANUARY recruiting staff, publicizing camp, writing a Bible Study and Drama, and creating games. I really struggled with this issue earlier in the summer as I began to see how much time and energy camp was taking from my schedule. Why have we made such a big investment in THIS camp? Because THIS camp is about disciples who make disciples. Other camps have fun. Other camps even share the Gospel. But THIS camp tries its VERY BEST to help each kid become a follower of Jesus who can SHARE their faith with others. THAT is why.

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