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Snow-Cones & Air!

Why will we be handing out snow-cones and putting up an giant inflatable obstacle course on Monday at We Heart Deer Park? Our mission is to make disciples by nurturing individuals in grace - how does sticky syrup help us do that? 1) Each good impression made on a parent or child helps them understand that the Church (that's a big C to represent Christ's eternal and worldwide Church) is here to share love and GOOD News. 2) By being involved at We Heart Deer Park we help teachers and parents talk for a little longer than they used to which improves children's education. God is a fan of children learning to use the minds He gave them. 3) As volunteers serving our community we'll be on the lookout for a person or family we could get to know further. Monday's event is unlikely to end with someone trusting in Jesus and repenting of their sins right then - but when a friendship begins there is the real possibility that future conversations can go that direction! Each Small Group is taking responsibility for a specific booth or two. Join one Sunday to find your place to serve!

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