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When A Friend Dies...

There’s a story I love about Jesus and what He did when His friend died. It’s not what you expect.

Throughout the story Jesus’ thinking is somewhat mysterious, but His emotions are obvious to all. In fact, Jesus is recorded as having loved Lazarus, being angry in His heart, crying in front of a crowd, and then being angry some more!

Clearly, the death of a friend deeply upset Jesus – even though minutes later Jesus would raise Lazarus from the dead.

Here’s why:

God hates death. He created life and when man’s rebellion brought sin into the world (Romans 5:12) God sent His Son to share our sorrow, weep with us, and then conquer death forever. When a friend dies realize that God is your Heavenly Father and He is sharing your pain & anger at that death.

Read John 11 for that whole story and John 3:16 for the solution to death.

#Father #Grief #MemorialDay #FinishingWell

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