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I'm concerned about our Small Groups.

Each Sunday we have a short reflection meeting with the SG leaders and I usually ask them at some point if anyone shared the Next Steps they'd be taking this week. They wouldn't be sharing specifics, of course, but there's rarely much to report. Small Groups are a time designed to help people commit to growth - but instead we're content with a friendly chat. Small Groups are a way to connect with other people to begin and continue discipling each other to think and act more like Jesus - but there's not much to say. Pastor David and I have both noticed ourselves lowering our own expectations for ourselves as the weeks have gone by and maybe you're like us. I'll think, "I'm doing ok in this area so I'm fine where I'm at." But I'm not. I need to grow. And growth usually happens when work towards growth is done. So quit letting me off the hook. Ask me towards the end of Small Group what my Next Steps are. I'll ask you too. And maybe we can quit letting ourselves check a box to feel good and instead invest in a process that can help us grow. I'm concerned about our Small Groups, Let's take some Next Steps together.

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