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What's The Goal?

What is our goal for a 1st-time guest? Whether its your friend, family member, coworker, or someone who finally decided to give God a chance there's a lot of potential (for good or bad) in that first visit. What do we hope they do? Maybe they'll repent and turn to Jesus that first Sunday! Maybe they'll sign-up to serve and begin giving their life alongside of us! Maybe they'll... just come back the next week. Jesus (usually) changed hearts and lives over time. Our work as we welcome guests in the parking lot, escort them inside, give them a tour, seat them beside a friendly regular, and invite them downstairs for refreshments is all aimed at getting them to come back the next Sunday. Because they need time. Time to understand the radically different perspective the Bible teaches. Time to be loved by God's people so they'll understand that they are loved by GOD. So thank you for bringing delicious snacks. Thank you for welcoming guests in the parking lot. Thank you for being the regular who makes the first move to begin a friendship. Thank you. Caleb P.S. You may notice that each week we sing one song we sang the week before. This is why: so if there's a second time guest here they will know at least ONE song! P.P.S. We usually hit the parking lot at 9 AM to wave and welcome - that's a great way for anyone to serve! P.P.P.S. I SAW SEVERAL PEOPLE GO TO AND WELCOME SUNDAY'S GUESTS! WAY TO GO!

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