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Grief & Joy

I've been deeply moved the last few days as I’ve watched individuals serve Jesus in our simplified church structure in very effective ways. I sat outside Terry Fryer’s ICU unit last night and I reached out to folks in my small group to pray with me as she went to heaven. When I had prayed with her on the sixth floor early in the afternoon she was in a bad, bad, place physically. Sometime that evening, I realized she was with Jesus and I was overwhelmed with the joy she was experiencing even as I walked with Bob through the grief and pain of his goodbyes. Thank you, small group, for sharing those moments with us.

For several weeks I’ve watched as a Discipleship Triad (from within a small group) did amazing personal ministry for one another and worked together to bless the whole church by decorating our building for Christmas.

They had built this relationship together purposefully and systematically over the last few months (something several men in this church 18 months ago told me couldn’t be done on purpose) and now are caring for each other regularly. On Sunday a small group is hosting dinner as a celebration of Jennifer’s baptism (details below). Monday, another small group is going across the street to bless 23 families with Christmasy gift bags and Christmas carols. The New Testament is full of “one another” commands to everyone that are best done in small groups and triads. Are you missing out on some of the joy and comfort God intends for you? Come join us this Sunday as we are the hands and feet of Jesus in Deer Park!

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