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Five Minutes of Expectation

Want to help a little more on Sunday morning? My suggestion may surprise you: be praying in your pew by 9:25. Of course we do need a person outside to welcome late-comers as well as a greeter at the door with bulletins, but if everyone else is settled and praying by 9:25 you would be amazed at how blessed you’ll be by the expectant atmosphere. Our worship team – musicians, audio technicians, and video technicians – usually arrive early and have been hard at work for a couple of hours by 9:30. Many of them also welcome folks on the sidewalk and then make their way directly to the platform. The technicians at their stations at the back have some very specific things to do between 9:25 and 9:30 so you will want to visit with them after the worship service. Your gift of a prayerful, quiet, ready-to-worship atmosphere honors God and thanks them for their hard work. Thank you for welcoming guests and then sitting and praying!

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